The International Contemporary Science Film Festival 360°

8 Days of the Festival

120 Screenings

44 Films

17 Russian Premieres

13 Venues

9,800 viewers

Numerous lectures, workshops and discussions

The International Contemporary Science Film Festival 360°

The International Contemporary Science Film Festival 360° has been held since 2011. This is a week of independent documentary films dedicated to science and research and made in the last two years. Apart from film screenings, the Festival runs a discussion program. In the course of discussions and workshops featuring scientists and movie makers, the audiences contribute to the search of new ideas and models of scientific expression by means of cinematic language.

The idea of creating a science film festival emerged in the conditions of a globally observed process of rethinking the science’s space and role in the society. As the science begins a dialogue with the society, wider audience is attracted to join the learning process. National boundaries of scientific learning are being erased, and International competition makes room for cooperation based on common research projects goals.

These trends inspired us to create the Contemporary Science Film Festival 360˚, where we would screen the most interesting films bringing up issues of high scientific and social importance and created over the last 2 years. The festival contributes to the search of new ideas and forms of expression of scientific thoughts through the language of motion pictures; it provides the possibility to take a look at scientific facts from any angle including from their social importance point of view and gives a venue for dialogue between science, art and society.

The Festival 360˚ finds the inspiration in students, active young people open to learning and exploring everything new, as well as professional associations of scientists and documentary filmmakers.

The Festival’s program includes contemporary documentary films revealing scientific ideas and research that carry a social element and have bold auteur style; the screenings are sided with lectures, discussions and master-classes with filmmakers and actual film characters: scientists, explorers and innovators.