Annual Report


The year 2016 has become the year of the historical building’s global renovation and the final inception of the exhibition’s concept. Dozens of Russia’s top scientists, artists, architects and curators are working to create a new museum. We will dedicate the next year to translating their ideas into the real items of the exhibition. Now we’re entering the final phase of creating the new Polytechnic museum. The world’s best museum of science.

Polytechnic Museum Annual Report 2016


Disruptive, event-driven, complex, headlong — that’s what the year 2015 has become to the Polytech. It’s been a year of partnership with various institutions, both domestic and foreign. It’s been the year when the final revision of accommodation plans for the area surrounding the historical building was finally approved by city authorities. It’s been a time for experimenting with formats and launching new promising projects. We’ve run upwards of ten major exhibitions, including Alice in Scienceland and 200 Keystrokes per Minute; and two festivals, namely Polytech in May and 360° in October. For the first time ever, we’ve arranged an outdoor science camp for children, expanded our publishing programmes, and brought the world’s science stars in Moscow. In 2015, we kept presence in mind all the time, yet continuously worked on the future of the Polytech, the museum community, and the city altogether. This year is a year to remember.

Polytechnic Museum Annual Report 2015


The opening of the RDS exhibition at VDNKh was the key event of the year. The new venue provides an opportunity for the Museum to continue its exhibition projects during the ongoing renovation of the Historical building, and the display itself prototypes the new format for the future permanent exhibition. Another exhibition project to launch was Open Storage, making the Museum’s depository accessible for the general audience.

In 2014, the Museum keeps expanding its enlightenment activities. While developing the existing projects in education and science communication, it gives a start to the ambitious programs, approaching new fields and formats, engaging with Russian and international science, art, community and industry.

Polytechnic Museum Annual Report 2014


In 2013, the history building of the Polytechnic Museum was closed for renovation. Transportation of the collection to the temporary depositories became one of the principal tasks. The development of the architectural project of the historical building’s reconstruction and renovation proceeded; elaboration of the construction design for the Museum and Educational Center of the Polytechnic Museum and Lomonosov MSU also started that year.

Polytechnic Museum Annual Report 2013


It is the year of the 140th anniversary of the Museum that will be remembered for dramatic events, ceremonies and new projects, as well as large amount of work performed by personnel of the museum throughout this year of sweeping changes. It heralded a new era for the Polytechnic Museum and represented a specific boundary between the two essences thereof, namely, the traditional and the renewed museum.

Boris G. Saltykov, President of the Polytechnic Museum

Polytechnic Museum Annual Report 2012